The Painted Orchestra

The Painted Orchestra plots a personal musical and artistic journey painting musicians. It is full to the brim of illustrations, providing insight into how artworks are created and what inspires them.

The author recounts how the journey started in Sydney, sketching the blues singer Jackie Orzsaczky and continued with portraits of members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Many of the sketches of musicians in this book were made during the Maribor Music Festival. The management team was led by Brigita Pavlic and became a magnet for world class musicians under the directorship of Richard Tognetti from 2008 -2015. During the 10 days of the festival, three concerts were performed a day and rehearsals were held between times so it was a time of full musical immersion for musicians and attendees alike.

In 2020 when the pandemic closed borders the musical sketches provided a fertile resource for orchestral paintings.

The Painted Orchestra is available at your local bookstore or on Amazon in hardcover or paperback.

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Sketches of musicians playing at the Maribor Music Festival in Slovenia

The old city of Maribor, Slovenia

The picturesque city of Maribor was a wonderful place to sketch between rehearsals.

Portraits and Abstractions

The last part of the book is filled with portraits, some of them abstractions, featuring musicians of the Australian Chamber Orchestra.