The Painted Orchestra plots an artist’s journey painting musicians. It is full to the brim of illustrations, providing insight into how the artworks were created, what inspired them and the musicians featuring in these pages.

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This delightful children’s book is illustrated with watercolour paintings of an A to Z of Australian and New Zealand birds. An interesting snippet of information about each bird captures the interest of children and the whimsical comparison of each bird to the wingspan of an Albatross compares the size of the birds. This is a fun book that would appeal to a wide age group of children.

This children’s book On the Wings of an Albatross is suitable for ages 3-10 and is available through your local bookstore or on Amazon here.

How did German women really view Hitler and his Nazi State?

These oral histories are a fascinating look into German life during the Nazi era. While collecting these stories the author researched women’s place in Germany in the 1930s and 40s to put the stories into context. This research is presented in Part 1 of the book followed by the interviews in Part 2.

Twenty one German women answered that question in the 1970s when they volunteered to share their wartime experiences with a young New Zealander (the author) who was trying to adapt to living in Germany. The interviews were collected on tape in 1972 and 1973 and translated by the author. By the time the project was complete the author had started studying again and this material landed in the bottom drawer.

Women, War and the Third Reich is available to order through your local bookstore or buy it on Amazon.

This vivid account of growing up on a sheep farm in New Zealand transports us back to an age when time was measured by the passing of seasons and of the generations, a time before the age of television when children learned important life lessons from their pets and from nature around them.

Aye there is suitable for both children and adults. It is available from your local book store or from Amazon here.