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Cellist in waiting

After a winter hiatus my easel is out again. There, waiting patiently, is a cellist waiting for paint.

Beginnings of Cellist

He is on a board, and the last time I painted on board it was a bit of a wrestle as I usually paint on canvas and painting on board is a different technique. I’m not sure if it was the subject matter (beach scene, below) or the board that was the problem. The cellist will show me.

Sunset on the NSW Coast

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Download art: Birds of New Zealand and Australia

The paintings illustrating the children’s book On the Wings of an Albatross: An A-Z of Australian and New Zealand Birds are now available online. You can buy an original painting or download a digital image and print it yourself on paper or canvas.

A combination of book and a picture would be a very original gift for the child in your life!