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'The Valkyrie' : New Zealand, July 2012
The NZ Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Pietari Inkinen with Christine Goerke (Brunnhilde), Edith Haller (Sieglinde), Simon O'Neill (Siegmund), Margaret Medlyn (Fricka), John Wegner (Wotan), Jonathan Lemalu (Hunding), Valkuries: Morag Atchison, Amanda Atlas, Wendy Doyle, Lisa Harper Brown, Sarah Castle, Kristin Darragh, Anna Pierard, Kate Spence (with Assistant conductor Kerry Jago and prompt/pianist Rose Barnes)

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TheValkyrie Story
(short version!)
The orchestra plays...

BOY meets GIRL.


HE: You look so familiar!

SHE: I seem to know you too!


HE: Where have you been, all my (unhappy) life?

SHE: Unhappy, until now!


HE: Woman devine!

SHE: This man I love!


HUNDING (HUSBAND): Who is this stranger?



SHE: Tell me, who are you?

HE: I'm Woeful!


HE: I'll tell you my story

HE: ... and why I am woeful.


HUNDING: I know you Woeful! In the morning we fight!

SHE: (The sleeping potion will give us time)


HE: A sword! I need a sword!

SHE: Your sword is waiting for you in the Ash Tree! I'm your SIEGLINDE and with my love I name you SIEGMUND!




BRUNNHILDE: Whoops, here comes trouble.



WOTAN the GOD : Isn't love beautiful?

FRICKE: This is impossible!


FRICKE: Marriage is a contract!

FRICKE: You must support the husband!





FRICKE: You are so stubborn, but you cannot be deaf to my claim!

WOTAN: Oh gloom I cannot deny it, Fricke is right! Oh gloom! Brunnhilde you cannot save him.

BRUNNHILDE: Father, poor Father!


BRUNNHILDE: Siegmund, you will loose the fight. You must come with me to Valhalla.

SIEGMUND: Valhalla?


SIEGMUND: Can my Sieglinde come with me?

BRUNNHILDE: She must stay here.


SIEGMUND: Then I will NOT come. I have a sword and I will fight. I will fight and I will win!

SIEGLINDE: My Siegmund!


SIEGMUND: To the fight!

HUNDING: To the fight!


VALKYRIES: Hojotoho! Who is this riding so swiftly towards us? It's Brunnhilde and she has a woman on her saddle!



ORTLINDE: Sister sister, what has happened?

BRUNNHILDE: Help me help me. I've disobeyed Wotan but I've saved Sieglinde.


SIEGLINDE: I would rather have died with my Siegmund!

SIEGLINDE: What's that you say? I am with child? Then I will live for Siegmund's child!


VALKYRIES: Wotan is here ... oh how angry he is.

BRUNNHILDE: Why so angry?

WOTAN: You disobedient daughter! You tried to save Siegmund.





BRUNNHILDE: I knew you loved him, so I tried to save him!

WOTAN: Stubborn girl. Your punishment awaits.

BRUNNHILDE: My punishment?




WOTAN: You'll sleep on a hillside and the man who awakes you will have you for bride.

BRUNNHILDE: Then surround me with a ring of fire that only a hero can transverse.

WOTAN: Beautiful daughter, a Ring of Fire you shall have.


The orchestra plays fire music.

... the conductor smiles...


the prompt closes her score.

... and the audience gives the NZSO and the wonderful Singers a standing ovation!

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