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Inspirational people

Rebecca Chan

Watercolur on paper
Size: 14 x 21 cm

  Rebecca Chan

Notes on the concert in July, 2016 at thethe Sydney Opera House Utzon Room:

You wouldn't think that someone suffering from a high level of cerebral palsy would be able to play a music instrument would you? Nor would you think they could play with a professional band. The Australian Piano Quartet and Jessica Irwin have proved that it can happen and that the result can be stunning.

Congratulations to Rebecca Chan and the APQ for showing us how limiting our preconceptions can be. The APQ have a residency at the University of Technology Sydney and for this project they worked with the folk who build software which helps the less-abled manage life.

Rebecca Chan wrote the piece Whispering Pectoriloquy in collaboration with the team which enabled Jessica Irwin to play synthsiser. Chan is a trained as a doctor and said she imagined synapses firing while writing the piece. I have a similar background (though I am a biological doctor not a medical one) and I thought the description very apt.

Jessica's Irwin's eye movements were shown on a screen so we could watch what she was doing, but even if we had not been able to visualise her work we would have been able to hear how good it was. The piece got a standing ovation at the Sydney Opera House Utzon room yesterday and it was well deserved. I am looking forward to hearing more of Chan's compositions.

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