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Inspirational people

2912 Julian Burnside
Watercolour on paper
Size: 21 x 29.8 cm)

  Julian Burnside

This sketch was done at a talk about asylum seekers in Australia in Gosford, December 2015.

Julian Burnside, a man who has agitated for asylum seekers for years, is an inspiring and passionate speaker. He spoke at leanght about asylum seekers and how the governmetn is targetting them on purpoose, not that they don't know waht they are doing, but they don't care. When people asked afterwards what one should do, he said "don't vote for either of the major parties". There was some discussion about whether Australia's unresolved issues with aboriginal people might be part of the problem. If people ostracise one group it is easier to persuade them that another group is similarly unworthy.

Burnside said he will be delighted to represent any doctor who breaks the most recent law past by the government which makes it illegal for doctors (or anyone else) to disclose abuse to children they may observe on Manus or Nauru.)

I had thought that the discussion might have been an exercise in preaching to the converted but afterwards my seat neighbour turned to me and said with a horrified look on her face, "My eyes have been opened. I can hardly believe what I have heard."

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