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Painted selfie


Note from the artist:

Painting a selfie is not so easy because you think you know your own face so well, but perhaps you don't.

I had several tries for this one (see the small pictures below). I painted the first one in dim light using a tiny mirror. It was very gray and I didn't like it much so I painted over it in green.

Six months later I found the canvas and started again, this time from a photo.

Then I looked in a larger mirror in better light and the painting started to look like me. It morphed, then morphed again and now it really does look like me.

Paintings from a mirror are what I see, which is the mirror image of what everyone else sees.








2628: Painted selfie
Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 50 x 75 cm
Year of creation: 2013

On the way to a self portrait...

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