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Maribor Music Festival 2015


Note from the artist (from my blog):

Meow Meow is the most extraordinary performer. In Maribor she had her audience in the palm of her hand from the beginning of her performance and by the end her conservative, glued-to-the-seat audience were standing, laughing and clapping as she crowd- surfed her way across the room on a sea of hands in a yellow frilly net dress, fishnets and very, very high heels.

Laughing doesn't really describe our reaction to her cheeky jokes ... belly-laughing is probably a better description. She is truly hilarious and a consummate performer.

How lucky we were to see her at the Maribor Music Festival!


2855 Meow Meow in Maribor
Size: 24 x 32 cm
Watercolour on Montval Paper


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