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Maribor Music Festival 2015


Note from the artist:

Polina Leschenko is a joy to listen to. She has slight figure and a light touch. Her hands seem to fly across the keyboard without effort.

Here is what Wikipedia writes about her debut CD in 2007:

"Polina Leschenko has matured without having lost any of her freedom. Now even more inspired, she turns her wonderful talents to a brilliant, almost improvisatory reading of the Liszt repertoire. Beautifully acknowledging Bach, Busoni and Gounod’s Liszt transcriptions in the first half of the disc, she then offers a unique and personal version of the Sonata: a visionary reading full of lucidity."


2846 Polina Leschenko at the piano
Size: 21 x 29.7 cm
Watercolour on Arches 100% cotton paper


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