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Maribor Music Festival 2015


Note from the artist (from my blog):

I arrived at the border crossing between Austria and Slovenia by S-Bahn and once it had trundled back towards Graz I was alone on the platform. I had a 30 minute wait and it was so quiet that if I hadn't made this crossing before I would have wondered the station had been abandoned.

Eventually the Slovenian train arrived and I hoisted my bag up the steep steps of one of the three carriages. There must have been a waiting room in the station because two other people clambered in as well. When I saw one of them stash two musical instrument boxes next to the seat I knew I was on the right train. It was Axel Wolf with his lute and guitar.


2852 Axel Wolf (middle right) with Richard Tognetti, Joseph Tawadros and the Festival Orchestra

Size: 24 x 32 cm
Watercolour on Montval Paper


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