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Maribor Music Festival 2015


Note from the artist (from my blog):

Satu Vänskä was responsible for the Woman Project this year at the Maribor Festival.

I found the project a breath of fresh air. It was packed full of very diverse work and the performers were as diverse as the music: the festival orchestra, a girls choir singing Hildegarde Bingen's work, a musical ensemble of young locals playing Mozart, caberet artist Meow Meow, singers Satu Vänskä and Nica Goric among others.

Despite the diversity the program had a common theme: how our male oriented society is missing out on so much work that could have been ours if only women were regarded are capable of composing. The program notes were different to the normal as well, with direct and pertinent comments about the female condition.

2844 Satu Vänskä
Size: 24 x 32 cm
Watercolour on Montval Paper


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