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The Bronte Cemetery question

The question is whether the NSW Government should be handing control of the cemetery at Bronte sitting on some of Sydney’s most valuable real estate, to the Catholic church. The question is being decided in Parliament today.

Photos in the press have reminded me of the time I spent painting there in 2004. When you paint landscapes you never forget them. I have posted the watercolours I painted at the time to my website.

169 Cemetery at Bronte
Bronte Watercolours169 Cemetery at Bronte
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Ring Cycle Etchings

Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle is the inspiration for the set of hand coloured etchings that can be found on our ‘Wagner-Inspired‘ page.,.

Brunhilde/ Grane: Der Augen leuchtendes Paar (Die Walkurie)

Each has a background of words from the libretto, for example Brunnhilde with her horse Grane is bursting through a veil of words starting “Der Auge Leuchtendes Paar” (That pair of shining eyes) which is taken from Wotan’s last yearning speech to her before setting her on the rock surrounded by fire.

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Download art: Birds of New Zealand and Australia

The paintings illustrating the children’s book On the Wings of an Albatross: An A-Z of Australian and New Zealand Birds are now available online. You can buy an original painting or download a digital image and print it yourself on paper or canvas.

A combination of book and a picture would be a very original gift for the child in your life!