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"I am not leaking," whispered the little girl. "I am crying."

"Crying?" asked Jack. "What is that?"

"You cry when you are sad or hurt," said the little girl.

"How can you be sad on such a wonderful day as this?" asked Jacqueline.

"I tried to climb the rainbow to see the whole world from the top. But I can not hold on to it. What ever I try, I always slip off. And that is why I cry."

"Aha," said Jack, "so why don't you just fly to the top?"

"Because I can not fly, you silly bird you," said the little girl and now she cried even more.

The Kookaburras looked at each other and both had the same idea. Kookaburras do that, since they always come in pairs.

"On my command," ordered Jacqueline.