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Hibiscus in Crystal Vase


Note from the artist:

When I look at this painting I mentally thank the artist Michael Taylor whose class I attended in Grafton NSW in 2005. He taught us the technique I used to write the word on this painting. Thank you Michael Taylor.

The Hybiscus is from my back garden. The folk who laid out the garden must have loved hibiscus plants as there are three in the front garden and three in the back, all different. This particular one grows very long branches which reach far up into the trees beside it. On the end of each branch are these frilly pink fllowers.

The vase was bought as a wedding gift but somehow never got given. Eventually I started using it myself. I would never have bought it for myself but I enjoy using it as it is very heavy, is nice to handle and it plays with light. It reminds me that we should sometimes buy lovely things for ourselves.

2807: Hibiscus in Crystal Vase
Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 30.5 x 40.6 cm

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