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The Old egg beater


Note from the artist:

I suspect my mother had this egg beater from the day she was married. I certainly remember it as a child. It was in contant use throughout my mother's life and since she was an enthusiatic and excellent cook and had many visitors, it was used a great deal.

After my mother died the egg beater miigrated to my house where it sat in a drawer until I discovered that it is much easier to beat egg whites to a foam using this old fashioned instrument than using the more modern whisk. That made me wonder why whisks are so much more popular nowadays?

I entered this painting in a local show recently and noticed that it was a real conversation starter. Women who saw it invariably talked about their own egg beaters or those of their mothers. A little bit of nostalgia.

2796: The old egg beater
Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 38 x 75 cm

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