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Artsmitten is the website of artist Elizabeth Gordon-Werner

Elizabeth Gordon-Werner lives near Sydney, Australia after extended periods living and working in Europe and New Zealand.She works with diverse mediums across a range of subject matter, but with a particular interest in portraiture. Music is an abiding inspiration

Most paintings on this site were painted 'en plein air', that is on-site. In concerts or rehearsals, from the decks of boats, in cafes or the beach. This direct contact with the subject matter imparts a freshness and vibrancy to the paintings.

Paintings by Elizabeth Gordon-Werner have been exhibited in the Portia Geach Award for Portraiture, the Fishers Ghost Exhibition and the Gallipoli Association Exhibition in Sydney and is available through several galleries. .

Elizabeth exhibits regularly. If you would like an invitation to exhibitions please contact us

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The contact form was recently hacked and was removed, so if you needto get in touch use the address below.

Email: e-gw (yes, that is a hypen, not an underscore) at

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