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Artsmitten is the website of artist Elizabeth Gordon-Werner

Elizabeth Gordon-Werner lives near Sydney, Australia after extended periods living and working in Europe and New Zealand. She studied art at the Otago Art School in Dunedin, NZ, the Hamburg School of Fine Arts (HfBK) and the National Art School in Sydney. (Previously she was a scientist, having studied at Victoria University in Wellington then gaining a doctorate of natural sciences from the University of Hamburg in Germany and a degree in environmental science from Macquarie University in Sydney.)

Elizabeth works with diverse mediums and subjects but has ecently specialised in portraiture, including the difficult art of watercolour portraiture. Her portraits are usually painted from life while her subjects are at work, playing musical instruments or relaxing over coffee. Music is an abiding inspiration

Most paintings on this site were painted 'en plein air', that is on-site. In concerts or rehearsals, from the decks of boats, in cafes or the beach. This direct contact with the subject matter imparts a freshness and vibrancy to the paintings.

Paintings by Elizabeth Gordon-Werner have been exhibited in the high profile Portia Geach Award for Portraiture, the Fishers Ghost Exhibition and the Gallipoli Association Exhibition in Sydney.

Elizabeth exhibits regularly. If you would like an invitation to exhibitions please contact us

Galleries with work by E Gordon Werner

Australia Inverell, NSW Inverell Art Gallery
Slovenia Maribor M Art Gallery, Postna Ulica 4, Maribor
Germany Hamburg

Arcobianco, Hamburg-Rissen

  Weisel 'Hannott's, Altpforterstrasse 26a
New Zealand Taihape Soul Food Cafe, Hautapu Street

If you have suggestions, queries or comments, your feedback would be most welcome.

Contact details

Email: e-gw (yes, that is a hypen, not an underscore) at

Address: 47 Judd Street, Banksia NSW 2216

Tomato painting
Tomatoes with clock

Young Endevour picture Yachts greet the Young Endeavour at dawn on the Pittwater.


Sydney Opera House picture
Sydney, Australia

Hamburg Bild
Hamburg, Germany

Taihape picture
Taihape, New Zealand



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